Thai Apple Ber Farming Plantation Process & Income


Thai Apple Plantation Process : –

All types of soil are suitable for cultivation of Apple Ber. Spray schedule and Fertilization changes on type of Soil, Water and weather condition. In Shekhawati kirshi farm nursery and Farm Original Thai Apple Ber Plants are made from our own Mother Plants that’s why farmers will not have to worry for Original Verity“Thai Jumbo Apple Ber”. Now a day’s many Nurseries are selling those plants which are made from fake plants, Seller don’t see a mother plant that’s why they can’t take guarantee. We are in Plant Nursery business since 2008,we have started Apple ber Farming in 2015.People had not seen Big Ber fruits, when we sent our fruits in market, People were surprise with it’s shape. Many people asked that it was big lemon or what it was.   Shekhawatikirshifarm became known supplier of Apple Ber Plants in India for best quality plants and first year free guidance. Now we test soil, water before creating fertilization Schedule for our clients because we can understand value of Money, Time and Hard Work. New farmers don’t have knowledge about selecting original and healthy plants, they only think all Apple Ber plants in market may be same in quality and It will give big fruits. These days fake people making grafting of Red color Ber (Old Indian verity) which was not able to so good in market. But sellers have named ‘Red Apple Ber’ for these again to increase selling of Plants.

Benefit from 1 Acre

Let’s calculate it, There are 500 plants in 1 Acre, Apple Ber Tree gives 125 kg fruits from single tree. We have 500 Plant and suppose we get only 100 kg from tree then we will get total 50 Tons fruits from 1 acre. Generally Apple Ber fruit are sold 50 to 80 Rs in Retail market but Farmer gets 30 to 40 Rs in his hands. Suppose we sold at Only 20 Rs (According to Demand for Apple Ber in Market this is lowest Rate)

Apple Ber Fruits 50,000 Kg × 20 Rs.               Total:  Rs. 10,00,000\-

Total Expenditure (Maximum) 65,000/- Rs

Benefit from 1 Acre is more than 9,00,000/-

Note: You will get more than 100 kg per tree from 3rd year, In First year you will get 20 to 30 Kg, In Second year you will get 60 to 75 Kg. It means You can get Rs 2,00,000/- in first year, Only you will have to stay in touch with Shekhawati kirshi farm for proper Guidance.


For Plantation of Apple Ber

If you have enough water then you can go for Plantation in any month but you are recommend to visit Shekhawatikirshifarm. At Shekhawatikirshifarm Firstly We Know weather condition, Type of soil, water condition then we schedule for our clients because in our country water, soil, weather condition changes in state wise. Suppose we told to our client who is from Rajasthan for pruning on 1st march, second clients from Hydrabad should not go for pruning.

Apple Ber is the maintenance free tree and gives good benefit to farmer. This is disease free, plant so we do not have to take care much. We need 500 Plants in 1 Acre (43,560 Sq feet).  Distance should be 10× 10(Plant to Plant 10 feet, Line to line 10 feet). Pit should be 1 feet by 1 feet, Apply fertilizer as preferred for your land, Avoid Plantation in Afternoon’s sun stroke (highly temperature). We recommend for planting after 4 PM or early in Morning to 10 AM. After Plantation press soil near plant and give enough water first time. Watering depends on soil condition, ask for Water schedule to shekhawati kirshi farm Team .  After 20 days, It is time for second fertilization as told by Green Culture Team. As we give treatments you will see flowers on tree, after some days small fruits can be seen on branches.



There are two season for Apple Ber fruits November to February is the best season for Harvesting, We don’t have to care much in this season and there is always demand in these days for Apple Ber.  When you will see fruits on tree  if plant need spray then apply by asking shekhawatikirshifarm Team. avoid any other spray without confirmation.

We guide for free to our clients, only you will have to tell Customer Id which is given when you purchased plants from  shekhawatikirshifarm.  We will guide for getting good size, Sweetness of Fruit.


There are many types of processes of Apple Ber like Jam, Jelly, Beer, Dry use, Medicinal use etc. That’s why there is good demand in Exporting also and this fruit is Best and sweet so you can sell it to many Cities in India too. If you produce in huge Quantity then many Buyers/ Exporter are waiting to purchase direct from your farm, only you will have to maintain Quality of Fruits. Some Buyers need Box Packing and they pay for all expenditure and provide Boxes and some buyers only buy fruits and pack at their Port.


  1. Dear sir, where are you located? Do you supply Apple Ber plants to Hyderabad. What is the price of each plant. I would like to get 200 plants. I am from Hyderabad and my mobile number is7702436709.
    Warm regards, M.S.Swamy.

  2. Hello Sir,
    I want to do Apple Ber farming so need your guidelines.

    Please contact me.

    Parmanand Kumar
    Contact No.- 7250847279

  3. I am interested in starting apple ber cultivation. My land is 30 km Hapur U.P. what is the rate of plant and when it is suitable to plant them. How many plants will be suitable for one acre. My mobile is 7310521282. Where is the nearby market to sell the fruits.


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